Deco Bleu

Issue 1


Deco and her mother, Pascale, wake up one day to find themselves in "The Archives", a near-infinite warehouse of every known archetypal location in the Multiverse.

Issue 2

Deco and Pascale meet the enigmatic Elsepeth and friendly Jovian, and go on their real first shopping trip since their arrival in The Archives.

Issue 3

Lunchbox arrives! Deco goes to find a bunny rabbit, Elsepeth and Morgan step in to help.

Issue 4

Deco finds two new frineds with Lunchbox and Caboose. Deco's rabbit quest takes a weird turn.

Issue 5

Currently fermenting...

A torrid tale of marine lust, dolphins, MREs and stuff. Not suitable for the humour impaired.

Contains gay polecats and 8-bit humour with American Speelings!

This month's is a favour for a friend.

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