The world in this story resembles ours, yet it is different.

Winged Fusiliers.

Comic by Asterisk Kome.

The link above will take you to the official AMAZON.COM kindle page where you can buy this and support the artist, not me.

This is a dojinshi translated by yours truly at the request of the author. If it does well, there might be more!

Author's twitter
Author's PIXIV page

If you are interested in their professional works, the links below will take you to the AMAZON.CO.JP kindle pages. (The actual paperback books are large format and twice the price.) Genre-wise this is SF, with lots of heavily modified planes.

Sarissa of the noctilucent clouds.

Note, these are in Japanese. If you cannot read kanji, you will come unstuck in very short order and... trust me on this, google translate will leave you even more confused.

Melon Books

Comic, dojin and goodies store. No idea if they export. Links here:

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